Sweet sweet honey!


Plans are afoot to introduce some happy colonies of bees to Moores Bay come spring this year!

Sadly I just heard on the news this weekend that Colony Collapse Disorder has come to New Zealand. CCD is a highly concerning event/disease/unexplained mystery whereby the entire colony suddenly just disappears. Linked to pesticide use, mono-cropping and intensive bee keeping (which goes hand in hand with mono-cropping and toxic chemicals) CCD is a serious threat for food safety (Bees are responsible for about 1/3 of our food supplies). We decided to get hives before we heard this news, but are even more keen now!

Hopefully our new Kawau Island bees will be happy as can bee. There’s plenty of plant variety and no nasty sprays, so hopefully come next summer we will have some yummy raw organic honey for the nibbling!

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