Owner Quality Protections


Extracts from Sale and Purchase Agreement

14. MOORES BAY means a sustainable development whereby the number of Lots are minimised and the development adheres to green principles. In addition the Purchaser and other owners of Lots in the subdivision use various amenities of the subdivision and contribute to their maintenance and upkeep.

The purchaser shall be entitled to use various Common Facilities of MOORES BAY.
The common facilities include:

  • Tennis court, net and facilities
  • Boat shed and storage area
  • Cottage, barbeque area and related fitout
  • Sealegs boat
  • Ute
  • Floating dock and marina
  • Various cabana’s and sun lounges
  • Pool and equipment
  • Kayaks
  • Golf buggy
  • Bridge and weir
  • Caretakers cottage, fitout and caretakers wages
  • Sewage system
  • Watering system
  • Approximately 10 acres of flat land
  • Any orchard and garden
  • Walking tracks

Committee duties

The Committee shall meet at least twice a year and approve outside consultants as may be required to oversee the management of MOORES BAY and set various operating procedures.

The Committee shall also approve building plans, landscaping for each Lot by appointing and agreeing design principles with an agreed architect who is sympathetic to the objectives of MOORES BAY..

Manager duties

The Managers job is to operate the Common Facilities of the subdivision and levy owners fees (payable quarterly) for the use and operation, maintenance, upkeep and replacement and management of Common Facilities. The right to use such Common Facilities and levy such fees and their collection and the manager’s role and the operational rules as set out in the Agreement shall be recorded on a Memorandum of Encumbrance against the Title to the Property in favour of the Vendor who shall own Lot 6 as shown on the Plan.

16.6 The property is part of a sustainable subdivision and it is necessary that various covenants be registered against the title to the Property to ensure the high standard of the MOORES BAY is maintained.Guidelines to obtain approval of the plans, design and siting of a new single private dwelling shall be:(i) Not too large;
(ii) Sympathetic and green building materials;
(iii) Roofing material to be natural and blend to the environment;
(iv) As set out in the Resource Consent Owner quality protections